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Psychology Today: Will Leaving Work Help People Find New Meaning in Life? [link to the article]

The New York Times: How Exercise May Help Us Flourish [link to the article


BBC News: Why Women are More Burned Out Than Men [link to article]

The Washington Post: Staging a post-pandemic athletic comeback? Take tips from these successful senior competitors  [link to the article


U.S. News: Lockdowns Tougher on Women, and Housework Is Big Reason Why [link to the article]

The Insider: Exercise helps you keep hold of your youthful ambition and a sense of purpose as you age; Harvard study finds [link to the article

Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, CNBC.comHarvard Magazine, 

Harvard Health PublishingThe Human Flourishing Program Blog, Meaningful Sports Podcast,The Irish Times, 

The New Daily, Leisure Opportunities, WGN9,  AARP

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