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* indicates shared first authorship, listed in alphabetical order.

Yemiscigil, A., Yilmaz. M., Lee, M. (2023). How to Find Your Purpose? Harvard Business Review. [link to the article]

Yemiscigil, A., Born, D., Ling, H. (2023). What Makes Leadership Development Programs Succeed? Harvard Business Review. [link to the article]

Yemiscigil, A.*, Born, D.*, H., Snook, S. A., & Pate, E. (2022). Authentic Leader(ship) Development and Leaders' Psychological Well-being: An Outcome-Wide Analysis. Leadership and Organization Development Journal.  Vol. 43 No. 8, pp. 1287-130. [link to the article] (Best paper award by the Academy of Management)

Yemiscigil, A., Whillans, A., Powdthavee, N. (2021). The Effects of Retirement on Sense of Purpose in Life: Crisis or Opportunity? Psychological Science. [link to the article]

Giurge, L.*; Whillans, A.*, Yemiscigil, A.* (2021). A Multicountry Perspective on Gender Differences in Time Use During COVID-19. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. [link to the article]

Yemiscigil, A., Vlaev, I. (2021). The Bidirectional Relationship Between Sense of Purpose in Life and Physical Activity: A Longitudinal Study. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. [link to the article]

Hampson, H., Hinton, C., Yemiscigil, A., Beverley, M., Beale, J. and Hill, B.  (2022). Research-based activities to promote student flourishing. Impact. [link to the article]

Whillans, A., Giurge, L., Macchia, L., Yemiscigil, A. (2020). Why a Covid-19 World Feels Both Tiring and Hopeful for College Students. Harvard Business Review. [link to the article]

Yemiscigil, A. (2019). Purpose: A New Paradigm with Implications for Policy, Business, and Individual Lives. Global Relations Forum[link to the article]

Yemiscigil, A., Stern, N. (2015). Well-being: What Role Can Public Policy Play? The British Academy Debates, UK. 

Yemiscigil, A., Dolan, P. (2015). What is Happiness? How is it Measured? Conceptual and Methodological Approaches in Economics of Happiness. In: D.Dumludag, E. Ruben (Ed.), Behavioral Approaches in Economics (pp. 163-177). Istanbul. [link to the book]

Working Papers 

Yemiscigil, A., Born, D, Arias, D.  Growing as a Whole Person: Quasi-Experimental, Longitudinal Evidence on The Impacts of Leadership Development on Leaders’ Psychological Well-Being

Yemiscigil, A., Powdthavee, N., & Whillans, A. Is Meaningful Work a Privilege? How Workers Experience Social Impact in Their Jobs in Less Affluent and More Economically Volatile Countries (Early version at Academy of Management Proceedings: link to the abstract)

Yemiscigil, A., Lee M., Yilmaz, M. S. Social Support Styles for Cultivating a Sense of Purpose Among Youth: A Mixed-Methods Study 

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